The Next Big Thing: Powerpop New Wave Romance!

Previously on Oldbitey we’ve discussed the soundtrack, how songs influence and inspire this here romance writer (and many others). The two of you have read about my love for 70s Have a Nice Day bubblegum pop. You know all about my Andy Williams appreciation and my deep abiding love (and stalking) of Glenn Tilbrook. You had to listen to me blither on about my love of Squeeze and rock & roll fantasy come true (the evening I finally got to SING with Glenn Tilbrook, for those of you just discovering Oldbitey).

And now you get to learn about this.

Listening to music, making soundtracks to the novels I write, as well as conducting research for my PhD has led me to a revelation of sorts. J.R. Ward has her paranormal romance. Anna Campbell does Regency Noir. Suzanne Brockmann kicks romantic suspense ass. 

I have Powerpop and New Wave. 

Powerpop? New Wave?  As in the musical Powepop and New Wave genre?  As in Powerpop and New Wave romance Yes indeedy-doo. That’s what I mean exactly.

John Dougan described the genre’s origins: The musical sourcepoint for nearly all power-pop is The Beatles. Virtually all stylistic appropriations begin with them: distinctive harmony singing, strong melodic lines, unforgettable guitar riffs, lyrics about boys and girls in love; they created the model that other power-poppers copied for the next couple of decades. Other profound influences include The Who, The Kinks, and The Move (a precursor to ELO,) bands whose aggressive melodies and loud distorted guitars put the "power" in power-pop.

British bands labelled as power pop include The Jam,The Boys, Squeeze, The Buzzcocks, The ‘Think I’m Turnin’ Japanese’ Vapors, and The Chords.

Powerpop started before punk, at the very beginning of the 70s. It became associated with New Wave at the end of the decade because of the way the brief catchy songs fit into the mood of the Powerpop genre. Think Blondie, The Cars and The Romantics (wink-wink), The Records, and Cheap Trick (who opened for Squeeze!). They were all New Wave artists. Squeeze gets the distinction of being Powerpop AND New Wave.

Hey! Did you catch all that? ! It’s so applicable to OB. Squeeze is Powerpop New Wave, and is not Squeeze all about Oldbitey? 

Let’s look at the above description I stole from wikipedia ( and focus on a few things. harmony singing, strong melodic lines, unforgettable guitar riffs, lyrics about boys and girls in love.

Did y’all catch that? Boys and girls in LOVE.

I’m like Squeeze! I’m like The Who! I’m like the Cars!  Powerpop New Wave romance.  It’s romantic without the frilly Partridge family shirt and velvet vest. It’s bubblegum without the teenage acne. It’s clever romantic comedy without the cliches. And it’s the kind of romance I write. 

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