And I’ll Never have that recipe again.

Swell agrees with me. Someone left freshness seal open on contemporary romance novels.

Walk into the romance section of any book store. Pull a contemporary romance off the shelf. You know exactly what you’re going to get, don’t you? Big city girl returns to her small-town roots.  Small town good girl goes bad to get the city bad boy to go good. If it’s not the return of the Andy Griffith Show crossed with Northern Exposure, it’s a reissue of an 80s Janet Evanovich, or, as Swell put it, Lori Foster, AKA an author who’s jumped the shark.

The Contemporary is as stale as last year’s Christmas sugar cookies. No, wait. As stale as week-old white bread–the soft, squishy kind that’s laden with preservatives. I’m talkin’ Wonderbread stale.

Screw the small town.  I don’t give a rat’s about "character driven small town romance." Bring back the character driven romance. Period.


I’m not alone in pining for a contemporary. Carly Phillips is too. On the Romance University Blog, Carly said: As a reader, over the last year when I would go into a bookstore and look for a good, light contemporary romance, they were few and far between. Yes, the staple authors of the genre put out their contemporary romance novels, but for fast readers like me, there weren’t enough contemporaries to sustain my appetite.

There aren’t enough contemporaries to sustain or satisfy my appetite and you know what? I’m BORED.

No. I don’t want another paranormal. Sorry about this, Swell, but am I REALLY the only one disappointed that Contemporary GODDESS Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer chose to go paranormal with Wild Ride?

Well, am I?

Where, oh, WHERE have the freshly baked contemporary goods gone? Look. I am not a fan of white bread. It’s spongy and bland, just like the few contemporaries I’m finding on the shelf. Where is the caraway rye? The pumpernickel? The cinnamon swirl?

Enough with the cookie cutter stuff. As much as I love cookies, I’d really love it if a publisher, some AGENT would wake up roll out some new contemporary romance. I have money and I will buy.

If you need some starter dough, I have a nice one. It’s yeast free.

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