Inspired by Oldbitey?

I could think, (and say wow like Bobby Brady) Wow! I have one more reader out there, and be flattered.

I could think it’s pretty fishy.

Or could I go with the idea that maybe, just maybe I inspired a journalist to run with the ball. Right? Right?

You tell me. What should one think when one sees an essay in TIME magazine that has some similarities to Oldbitey’s April 15th post about Larry King’s impending divorce? It was titled There Can Be But One Explanation: Or What Would Cole Porter Say? It had lots of photos. It listed the number of wives and or husbands. It used the word Shatnerprise. Scroll down the Oldbitey page and read it again.
Or read it…for the first time.

The similarities in TIME appear in the second paragraph of the essay, penned by Belinda Luscombe, and it does not have the same cool photos as…oh why don’t you just go look for yourself?,9171,1983883,00.html
It’s the May 3 Issue, the one with The Pill on the cover. Go to the last page. Read Belinda’s essay titled: Should Larry King’s Marriage License Be Revoked. it’s amusing and Belinda makes a few really great points. I laughed out loud as I read the essay, even after I read the second paragraph that made me go hmmmm…

Do you really think it’s possible?  Could I have inspired Belinda Luscombe with my little ode to the power of love?  Is it possible she stumbled across my li’l blog and went…(insert Bobby Brady here) Wow! I am so inspired by this!

Personally, as much as I love the idea that I might have been an inspiration, I’m gonna go with the I’ve got another reader scenario and offer a thanks to Larry King for making me real.

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