Biting Hands Across The Water Charity Debate: Join Us

Fairy tale princess Oldbitey is all about romance. She believes in the redemptive power of love while cherishing the chains of her soft-as-a kitten feminine bondage. You also know, as a romance reader, scholar, and writer of so-called sensationalist romance porn-fluff, she busts myths and misconceptions of the romance genre with PhD research titled Cougars, Grannies & Menopausal Knitters: Roles, Representations of Age, and the Non-Traditional Romance Heroine.

This Thursday night, her academic and modest bosom will heave beneath a pale pink, un-ripped bodice, as she spars with the “male members” of a delightful Q&A debate panel set to take place at the Hands Across the Water Fund-raising dinner.


An evening of fun, laughter and strong debate is assured when a panel of celebrities (Ooh! Oldbitey is a ‘celebrity!’) debate the "best and worst of the opposite sex". Hosted by one of our Brisbane based 2011 Thailand Bike Riders, the evening will seek to raise funds in between the laughs and entertainment. A three course seated meal along with drinks is included and ticket sales will commence shortly.

Yes, that’s this Thursday, 14 October. It’s not too late. For more information on how YOU can come and watch Oldbitey look like a complete idjit, or how you can make a donation, visit:

Suck on that, Other Charity Events!

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