When Dogfish Go Bad

Thanks to new motherhood, my dear Canadian friend was up late-ish waiting for her sprogette to waken for a feed. During that pre-feed time Katie-Sue kept busy by reading the wikipedia page on Unprovoked Shark Attacks. 

As if one would WANT to provoke a shark attack?

In case you were wondering, instead of the word squalo, some Italians use the expression pesci di cane, or pesci cane for shark. Pesci cane translastes to dog fish. Now, you may ask, "Yo, Oldbitey, where are you goin’ wit dis?"  Bear with me and you’ll see because I was curious enough to have a look at what was keeping Katie-Sue occupied. You might be too.

If you’re not game to check out the link, what you’re missing are documented reports of people who met their fate thanks to a really big fish with really big teeth.  Really. Big. Teeth.

Some reports are more gruesome than others. There were words and phrases like, pieces, and washed up on the shore, and eaten feet first.

I could not stop reading.

After a few minutes of morbid, can’t-look-away-from-the-train-wreck-osity of it all, the fish-eating-man stories led me back to my earlier fear of the day; the Bull Terrier eating Rat Terrier terror (See yesterday’s blog post for details, Kids!).  As I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I vacillated between picturing Jaws and Bull Terriers, Sharks that turned into Bull Terriers, and Elvin Elvie, my neighbour’s muscled-up Bull Terrier, as a Bull shark zipping after a scrawny snack in the form of my widdle dawg, Budman. I went to bed convinced of nightmares to come. I prepared myself for a dream onslaught of Great Whites, Tigers, Bulls, Oceanic White Tips, and Budman-eating Elvies.

What I dreamed of instead, were Zombies.

4 thoughts on “When Dogfish Go Bad

  1. But were the Zombies being fed to the shark or feeding the shark with other pieces?

    These are the tough questions you should ponder.

    Anything with Mega is mega 😛

    Aside….I waded my way through ALL of Colleen McCullough’s Rome books when my LegoKing was shiny & new 😮

    • Oddly, Ms Gloripebbles, the zombies were all well dressed. In fact, not one zombie’s clothing had been reduced to rags. Nothing was bloodstained either. And they used napkins. It was all very polite. And tidy. Anal-retentive Zombies! Jeeze, what does that say about my subconscious? Hello obsessive need to clean!

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