Don’t Fall For the Brainwashing

Don’t believe anti-aging advertisements or the getting old is bad propaganda. Stop buying into the crap about 30 spelling the end to your youth, or that hitting forty sounds the death knell for your love life and sex life, or that 50 means frumpy.

Honestly, is that how you really feel?

I for one, get pretty cranky when someone tells me I’m supposed to dress or act, or think a certain way just because I’m well over 21. Don’t you? I like to colour with crayons. I get excited about new movies (Hello, Skyfall!)and new book releases. I squee and sing at the top of my lungs (Brag brag brag…I can carry a tune rather well), and dance in my seat when I drive as much now as when I was 17–well, actually maybe more now because it’s MY car and not my Dad’s.

Hi. I’m the champion for women who feel invisible. Trust me here. You’re not invisible. I see you.

One thought on “Don’t Fall For the Brainwashing

  1. I’m the other side of 35 and I’ve learnt to do things that are … well, let’s call it age-ignorant. 🙂 Currently I’m learning to play electric guitar. I’ve also got a gorilla costume on order because I’ve always wanted one.

    Growing old is mandatory. Acting old is not. 🙂

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