Last Days to Escape

0213 VDay Escape Web TEASER

For the last month, I’ve had the pleasure of being part of an experiment that took place across five (that’s 5) continents. Thirty (that’s 30!) authors with Escape Publishing (my publisher) collaborated on writing a sexy little story. Each author was asked to write up to 200 words. We took turns. There was no directive beyond “pick up the tale where the last author left off.”

As you can imagine, this meant things got pretty interesting for a writer. This was a little like choose your own adventure while using the previous author’s scene as a springboard. One had to factor in things like a man wearing nothing but a towel, a set of handcuffs, feelings of a randy nature. One had to try to keep track of items like the location of handcuffs, a key, a dongle and other things that dangled like a dongle. One had to remember names of the good guy (Cormac), the possibly not so good girl (Laura), the goons (Miles), hitmen who weren’t really hitmen (Reggie), and nakedness (yes, there was nakedness). This all, of course, made it a complete blast to read, and even more fun to write. Writers like to leave readers hanging, just to get them to turn the page. For this little experiment, the previous writers left all the subsequent writers hanging. They handed off the baton asking, with a wry and possibly somewhat E-VILLE smirk, “Heh-heh-heh…So what would YOU do from here?”

Being writers, we all grabbed that baton, gave a we-who-are-about-to-die-salute-you nod, and took off sprinting on our part of the adventure.

As a reader, what with all the dongles and hitmen, and almost sex, I imagine, this was a little like listening to an old radio serial where some sexy-voiced narrator (I’m thinking Toby Stephens, Rufus Sewell, or Clive Owen) brought us to the brink…and then told us to tune in tomorrow–every day for a whole month.

If you haven’t read Our Not-yet-titled Great Escape, catch up here and tune in for tomorrow’s last exciting (and possibly nudity or surfing-filled) adventure. There’s one more author up. Her job is to help us finish off with a bang (read that any way you like). Not that Ainslie feels any pressure…

Your Authors on this Great Escapade are:  (in order of appearance)

1. Rhian Cahill – 14/2

2. Keziah Hill – 15/2

3. Caitlyn Nichols – 16/2

4. Lee Christine – 17/25.

5. Rebekah Turner – 18/2

6. Alissa Callen – 19/2

7. Nicole Flockton – 20/2

8. Jenny Schwartz – 21/2

9. Coleen Kwan – 22/2

10. Juliet Madison – 23/2

11. S.E. Gilchrist – 24/2

12. Elizabeth Dunk – 25/2

13. Nina Hamilton – 26/2

14. Louise Forster – 27/2

15. Juanita Kees – 28/2

16. Sami Lee – 01/317.

17. Donna Maree Hanson – 02/3

18. Jacquie Underdown – 03/3

19. Sandra Antonelli – 04/3

20. Lily Malone – 05/3

21. Robyn Rychards – 06/3

22. Bridget Gray – 07/3

23. Jane O’Reilly – 08/3

24. Francis Housden – 09/3

25. Robin Thomas – 10/3

26. Vanessa Stark – 11/3

27. Shannon Curtis – 12/3

28. Ros Baxter – 13/3

29. Elise K Ackers – 14/3

30. Ainslie Paton – 15/3

2 thoughts on “Last Days to Escape

  1. It was your plan all along, I suspect. You hold ALL the power. So what are we going to get? A dream sequence that involves scuba gear? A graphic dongle scene? A caffeine addicted writer staring at a blank page? Oh. hang on. That last one would be ME if I were you.


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