Acting Your Age

As a child, you start out being told you’re not old enough. Soon you understand autonomy. You try to act older, you try to show you’re older, more mature. First, you’re able to wipe your own ass. Next, you demonstrate you can eat with a fork, use a napkin, and stay up past 6:30 PM. Then you microwave a bowl of Spaghetti-O’s all on your own.

Once you develop friendships it begins to be all about who’s older. “I’m five and A HALF,” might be countered by,  “So? I’m Eleventeen!”

Then one day, when you think you’re old enough and you’re crusin’ along, doin’ it for yourself, bein’ all grown up and stuff, someone comes along and tells you’re too old. You’re too old for that blankie. You’re too old to have a tantrum. You’re too old for eating peanut butter and jelly–as if!

This not old enough/too old dichotomy happens to boys and girls. While there seems to be an acceptable level of immaturity allowed for boys throughout their lives, if you are female this dichotomy remains intact until one random day You are too young for makeup becomes you are too old for that eyeliner. Once you were told You are too young to dye your hair then it turns into You are too old to not dye your hair. That parental You are too young to date shifts into He’s too young for you to date or You’re too old, who would want to date you? One day, You are too young eventually solidifies into plain You are too old.FF

Yesterday, on the Escape Publishing Blog Juliet Madison, Chick Lit author of Fast Forward, and I had a little chat about our books, this dichotomy, and breaking this age baA Basic Renovation_Finalrrier. You already know I kick the barrier aside in A Basic Renovation (but if you don’t, perhaps you’d like to have a read of ABR. You can get it here). So before I toddle off and have my peanut butter & jam sandwich for lunch, I’d like to ask YOU a few questions. Feel free to answer in the comment box below.

1. What is ‘old’ to you?

2. How do you feel about the dichotomy of too old/ too young?

3 thoughts on “Acting Your Age

  1. So, VV your ‘too old’ has a limit for some things. I understand age appropriate relationships– I’m all for them, and I’m not going to vilify a 24 dude year old dating a 43 year old woman or a 43 year old dude dating a 24 year old woman. Or a 65 year old woman dating a 53 year old man. Whatever floats your boat, but I agree there is a skeeviness to a 24 year old dating a 16 year old.

    And Matt Dillion would so totally date you now.

  2. I disagree. There are things that you can be too old for such as dreaming of dating a 16 year old. That totally rocked my world when I was 14 and reading my TigerBeats thinking that Matt Dillon would be totally into me but at 43 dreaming of a 16 year old Beiber would be creepy vomititious “get that gal some counselling and keep her away from twitter stalking him”. Just sayin’. However, a 24 year old though eyebrow raising is fine. Beyond age of consent and all that… (side note: I don’t like Beiber – he is the only young star who I can name. ‘Tis only an example)

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