Mind You Don’t Cut Yourself Mordecai.

I possess a deep adoration for the films of the Coen Brothers (as well as a secret dream where they take something I write and adapt it for the screen). It seems this awesome guy named Chet does as well. ChetArt has the most amazing posters available for any Coen Brothers lover. I squealed when I saw them because, well, I quote from these movies represented quite a bit. Go look at them here!

I’d post a copy of one, but they’re Chet’s to show. Plus, you know, copyright.


You want Raising Arizona? Okay Then. You want Fargo? Oh you betcha, yah! You want The Big Lebowski? Over the line! You want Miller’s Crossing? Look in your heart!

Oh, Dear Chet, could you do me one for O Brother Where Art Thou and The Hudsucker Proxy (you know, for kids), Intolerably Cruelty, and A Serious Man because I’m busy working on the Mentaculus? 

Love, Sandra

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