Call Me ‘Your Hotness’

Hotness and then Hotterness

The Escapades

Think characters over 40 can’t have a happy-ever-after? Think again. Escape Artist, and PhD candidate Sandra Antonelli tells it like it is.

8876In the last week, I have been asked why I decided to write A Basic Renovation, my romance novel featuring mature aged protagonists. It’s not so much I decided to write a heroine of a certain age as much as it was I wrote the novel I wanted to read. As much as I love the genre, the one thing that always stuck in my craw about romance fiction was the fact that the female leads were always so young—and this was even back when I was thirteen and swooning over Edward Fairfax Rochester. I preferred, even back as a pimple-faced teen, to read about characters who were older and had a trunk-load of life experience. Eighteen year-old Jane Eyre sure as hell had experience, and since…

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