The Thursday Blurb: For Your Eyes Only (Warning, does not contain Sheena Easton)

In Australia, Thursday is new release day for movies. Since this makes Thursday a special day, I decided to turn”New Movie Release Thursday” into “New Book Blurb Release Thursday!” for my upcoming second book.

For Your Eyes Only

The two things Willa Heston doesn’t believe in are coincidence and happy endings. As a scientist at the Los Alamos National Lab, she’s always had to keep government secrets, but there’s one secret Willa can’t keep anymore. Classified material has been stolen from the Lab and the prime suspect is her best friend. Fear spurs her to try to save the man who’s been like a brother to her. Whether it’s an accident, fate, or a series of coincidence, Detective John Tilbrook is instantly beguiled by the green-eyed widow he runs into again and again. As the days speed by, terrified Willa tries to keep her best friend from being accused of espionage, and come to terms unexpected feelings for a man she just met. John’s a big fan of happily ever-afters himself, but what will he believe about love and happiness when Willa divulges the real reason she’s in Los Alamos? Will John break the law he’s sworn to uphold—for love?

Some of you may recognise John as the cop from A Basic Renovation. And if you had a really keen eye, you may have picked up the name Willa somewhere in the story too. While ABR put the spotlight on a pair of Red Cowboy boots, For your Eyes Only Features a pair of hot pink Converse low tops like Yep. Those are my feet and my shoes.

A Basic Renovation is available from Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play, the Escape site and more. For Your Eyes Only is due out in September from Escape Publishing.

One last thing. I fibbed a little in the the title of this post. Sheena does get a mention in For Your Eyes Only.

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