See Sandra Champion the Older Romance Heroine On Dear Author.

Yes, I do go on about this, don’t I?
I bitch about how the female leads are always so young—and point out that people fall in love at any age, and no, I don’t want to read Women’s Fiction because if there’s romance in the Women’s fiction tale the romance is merely a sliver of the pie, and I want The. Whole. Freakin’. Pie. To. Be. Romance.

I’m not alone. Have a nice read of this “If You Like” Post on Dear Author:

A Basic Renovation_FinalI was invited to make that post, to be the CHAMPION, after a few lovely readers recommended A Basic Renovation as, not just a good romance read, but as woo-hoo-lookee-here-the-heroine-is-over-40! See? there are others like me out there. There are readers making suggestions and pointing out other romances where the heroine is 40 or more!

Keep ’em coming readers! The more you suggest, the longer my list gets on my PhD Booklist.

In case you’ve forgotten, or you never knew, the title of my PhD is Cougars, Grannies, Evil Stepmothers, and Menopausal Hot Flashers: Roles, Representations of Age, and the Non-traditional Romance Heroine. I passed my panel review yesterday.

4 thoughts on “See Sandra Champion the Older Romance Heroine On Dear Author.

  1. Hey Sandra,
    I just found you. Thanks for championing the older heroine. I’ve got 4 in the 40-50 age range in a novel I co-wrote, The Don Quixote Girls, and three of the heroines have romances! Keep spreading the word!

  2. I’m so glad you had this post over at DA – it lead me to purchase & read ABR and I LOVED it! Thank you for representin’ those of us… umm, let’s go with ‘around 40’.

    And W00T on your review panel!! Sandra FTW!

    • Thank you, Jewel!
      I am so happy you enjoyed the book! In fact, knowing you read ABR–and loved it–is even more exciting than getting approval from the PhD review panel!

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