See? I’m Not Alone On My Soapbox!

sopaboxI admit that before i swore, I squealed. I swore because, just when I thought I was done with revisions to the PhD, someone writes a fab piece about Romance and Older women, which I have to include.  So It’s back to revising.

Yes, Kids, Love In the Margins climbed up on my favourite soapbox–just in time for the radio interview I’m giving tonight about taboos like older women being in love and romance fiction.  The post is called The Romance of the Older Woman I like what Liz has to say here. Yes, I agree romance fiction is escapist fantasy, but escapist ideas are subjective. If this is idealised fantasy, why can’t the older couple be idealised versions of age?

I appreciate the fact this is being discussed. I like the fact someone else is interested in the ageist stuff I carry on about, and this exactly WHY I write older heroine in my romance novels. It’s also Proof I’m not talking out of my ass.

Which is a bonus.

2 thoughts on “See? I’m Not Alone On My Soapbox!

    • Rest easy, Liz. It’s more along the lines of inserting a reference to your post and a quote or tow, as well as a good ol’ reference. Keeps me current, you know! Hope you enjoy the book. 🙂

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