Coffee + Cookies = 44 Days of Holiday Cookies: Day 4 Guest Recipe Daniel de Lorne

Howdy Holiday coffee drinkers, cookie eaters and book lovers!

delorne2Today’s Omnomnom cookie comes from fellow Escape Artist Daniel de Lorne, who’s, you know, kinda cute. See Cute Daniel over there?

I once followed Daniel though a Tutankhamun exhibit, which, sadly, did not include any ancient coffee or cookie artefacts. Despite that, I am convinced Egyptian Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty DID drink coffee, seeing as just a sail down the Red Sea took the Pharaoh along the coastline of the Punt — Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia, which is widely regarded as the BIRTHPLACE of COFFEE .

Sorry. I got a little excited there. Also, I put on a fresh pot o’ joe, which will be ready by the time I finish this post. COFFEE OH YEAH MAMA!


Anyjoe, Daniel answered my “What’s your favourite Holiday Cookie” question. He gave me his recipe for a surefire hit, along with the steps involved in his Holiday cookie madness. I’m certain there are many of you who will rush to make these to go with your coffee. Daniel lists  four steps to this recipe, but really there are five, which you know by now is the coffee to serve with the cookie.

Daniel de Lorne’s Holiday Magic Cookie

  • 1. Go to shops.
  • 2. Buy Oreos.
  • 3. Go home.
  • 4. Eat Oreos

Now, I have to confess I am not a fan of Oreos. When I was a kid I would lick out the cream filling and then stuff the cookie part between the sofa cushions. To me Oreos taste a little like ashes, but Mr de Lorne gives them Nominom rating ofCoffee cup&mug clipart

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