Cookies + Coffee = 44 Days of Holiday Cookies Day 38 Just Say ‘Da,’ Russian Cookies

1965_DoctorZhivagoLast night,Dr Zhivago was on TV — the 1965 version with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie, not the 2002 TV version with Keira Knightly and Hans Matheson (I’m still scratchin’ my head why that was made… Anyhow, I feel compelled to watch Yuri and Tonya and Yuri and Lara, and Yuri and Komarovsky, and Yuri in all that Russian snow. If you’ve never seen it or read Pasternak’s fab book, Dr Zhivago is about a Zhivago, a doctor poet; it’s a love story on a massive scale, set against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution, and it ends about as happily as Gone With the Wind (only people in Dr Zhivago don’t live to see another day like Scarlett O’Hara).

I’ve seen the movies about 37 billion times. I know, right? Anyhow, in all my 37 billion viewings I have never seen these cookies appear onscreen next to Julie Christie or HOT AS HELL Omar Sharif. There is no shot of these cookies sitting beside anyone, let alone sitting on a table of food. And you know why?

The cookie is actually the same as cookie as the Mexican Wedding cookie, the butterball, and the snowball — AH-HA! The snow part may be the reason why the cookies is often called the Russian Tea Cookie–because you know, Moscow and Siberia get a lot of snow, and these cookies are dusted or rolled in powdered sugar so they look like — snowballs!

Happy Holiday, Kids!

Russian Coffee Cookies (Yes, yes,TEA cookies, but this is about coffee & cookies) I have about 5 recipes for this cookie, which is basically a butter cookie made with walnuts. Mmmm…Butter.stick-of-butter-salted

Oven to 350F /175 C)

  • 1 cup butter                                                    1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 6 Tbsp confectioners (icing) sugar                  2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts                                  1/3 cup confectioners (icing) sugar

Cream butter and vanilla until smooth. Combine the 6 Tbsp confectioner’s sugar and flour; stir into the butter mixture until just blended. Mix in the chopped walnuts. Roll dough into 1 inch balls; place 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake 10 – 12 minutes.

Once cooled, dust or roll in remaining confectioners sugar.

Seriously. I have like 4 of these Russian cookies left in my kitchen. They were made using an Italian recipe and lots, and lots of butter. They go so well with a cup of coffee, any cup of coffee. These are so good they made even bad coffee tasted good.

Nominomness: Coffee cup&mug clipart

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