Cookie-loving Smartass Teams Up with Ninjas

Stand by for “Mean, lean, silent and deadly… cupcakes, fluffy cupcakes who write stuff designed to give you all the feels!” In other words, kids, we’re talkin’ authors who write romance fiction — from the kind that has you reaching for the tissues to wipe away tears of mirth or joy (or, ahem something else), the kind that gives you a lady boner for the hero (or talks about the hero’s boner), to the kind that make you sigh — with satisfaction.

ninja1What this is, kids, is SIX author brains pulled together “like a team of eager but easily distracted huskies tied to a giant, mutant sled,” to bring you romance and erotic romance reviews, recipes, discussions, grammar tips, opinions (whether you want ’em or not) nerdy and writing crafty stuff, interviews, and booty (both kinds!). Three of us drink coffee, the other three love their tea or Pepsi Max, which I don’t hold against them because at least they are not drinking instant coffee. We are Madame, Beanie-Queen, Glitterpants, The Lady, The Man-Eater and Cookieface (one guess who that is). As Naughty Ninjas, we poke fun at crap, say inappropriate and naughty things, read and write romance fiction. Our tongues are in our cheeks (maybe someplace else too) and we never take ourselves too seriously.

Yes, like six debutants poised on a grand staircase, we’re waiting to make our grand entrance. In a mere number of days the Naughty Ninja Network will launch…

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