Every Good Cult Needs a Home: The Challenge (win a Prize)

lair1A very dear friend of mine, let’s call her Swell, bought this incredible piece of real estate to my attention. This amazing place it built amid the rocks in Joshua Tree. Click on the linky-link to see more. (All Photos by Lance Gerber / Nuvue Interactive). Joshua Tree is in the Southwest part of the USA, kids. And YOU know how much I love the American Southwest, what with having set two books in New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment.”
Looking at this incredible piece of design, reading about Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, the architect who designed the home, made me realise, what with all my talk of apron-wearing, Cult status, and Having a Cult Following, I’d need an awesome place where we could all hang out and read books, drink coffee and eat cookies. Might THIS be the place I’ve been looking for?  Cue the U2…
While the location lacks the bits of green that holds New Mexico Anderson Overlookas THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH– see all that lovely green and mesa, and sky and desert stuff in the photo I took, there to your right– for me, I would consider the Joshua Tree place as the virtual home for the Cult of Antonelli.  
IF YOU can find me a house that you feel would suit me even better, I’m game to look at it.  So, my little cult fledgelings, I am asking you to look for me. I am asking you to send me links to photos that you think would be a good home for my Book Cult. 
Best photo link will win an Apron and copy of A Basic Renovation OR For Your Eyes Only!  A Basic Renovation_Final
 0913 Eyes Only_Final[1]

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