Of Cults And Aprons


Yes. That’s me.

That is totally how I dress when I write my smartass romance novels. I love aprons. I wear them all the time–not just when I cook. I totally rock the apron.  It was suggested I could start an apron cult. Although the word The Princess Fiona, winner of the Great Apron Giveaway of 2013, used was actually ‘fetish.’

I’ve mentioned before how much I like the idea of being a cult writer. I’m trying to get momentum going on this cult status thing. It’s not been easy.

But seeing how I’ve been nominated for two (yeah, TWO!) Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA) Awards,

A Basic Renovation_FinalFavourite Contemporary Romance of 2013, with A Basic Renovation and Favourite New Romance Author for 2013. 

I figure I might possibly be thismuchcloser to cult.

I simply have to find a way to ask ARRA members to vote for me as their favourite, which would thereby establish my foot in the door of cultdom. Right? RIGHT?

So, if you’re an ARRA member, should I include an apron in my self-pimping-please-vote-for-me campaign when I work up the gumption to ask you to vote for me do I can attain cult status?

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