Of Cults, Cookies (and Coffee), Romance Fiction and AARA Nominations

I have a little feature on The Escape Publishing Blog today. 

I do not mention aprons.

I do mention cults and followers, worshiping romance novels, cookies, coffee, and that I


am one of several nominees for two (yes, TWO) Australian Romance Readers Association Awards (ARRA). You can find the full list here.

You always hear Oscar-nominated actors say, “It’s such an honour to be nominated for this award!” If you’re cynical, you may think, they’re actors; they’re probably acting like they feel honoured, but deep down I bet they’re saying, “I, SANDRA ANTONELLI, AM THE GREATEST THESPIAN IN THE UNIVERSE AND THEY SHOULD GIVE ME ACCOLADES AND LOTS OF MONEY, TOO!”

But you know what? Being a first time author I totally and completely understand the sentiment of being nominated for an award—in a completely non-cynical way. Honest. It IS totally mind-blowing to make it on a list with some amazing authors who already have accolades and followings. I still have no idea how I managed to get nominated, but I am really, really REALLY full of SQUEEE that I did.

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