Actors* Who Know How to Kiss and the Scenes that Prove It

kissyI did a “Special Guest Star” shot on the Read Watch Play where they Talk about reading, watching and playing every month. This month’s theme was ‘smoochreads’ or in my case, ‘Smoochwatch.’ It’s about Actors who I think are tops at kissing, even though I’ve never, you know actually kissed them. Say hello to Toby, Colin. Clive, and Paul.

Have a read of it here:

Read Watch Play

The other day, I watched the 1985 Glenn Close – Jeff Bridges thriller Jagged Edge. The story, if you’ve never seen it, goes like this: Man is accused of murdering his wealthy wife. He hires awesome female attorney to defend him. During the course of the trial, the pair fall for each other, only the lawyer begins to think maybe the man did kill his wife. However, I’m not here to talk about the movie’s plot. I’m here to talk about kissing in movies, so on to the smooch and the first one that happens in Jagged Edge. It starts with a smile from Jeff, a step towards Glenn, and a confident, slow kiss that plainly has no tongue. This of course, made my toes curl into the fake Persian carpet beneath my feet. There’s no slo-mo, no soft focus, no camera angle to capture the actors’ best sides. There’s…

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