Here Comes the Soggy Chipmunk

Hey, Kids! My third book, Driving In Neutral has just been accepted for publication. Don’t know the release date yet, but let me just say, be prepared for name calling.

I bet you thought I was going to say be prepared for cussin’ or better still: BEWARE THE FLYING F-WORD. Well, Okay, Beware The FLying F-Word because it happens too.

drivingThat being said, I am aware that my romance  fantasy is not your fantasy. My experience of the world is not your experience of the world.  In the world I live in people cuss — some more than others, some in different languages, some in a mix of two or three. When I listen to conversations, as in when I eavesdrop on conversations of strangers and those I know, I try to absorb the way people interact, to get a feel for how they talk. I am a very good listener. Trust me on this. People swear. People also call each other names.  This is very important for me to point out, because, the hero in Driving in Neutral is claustrophobic. I want to prepare readers, well, well in advance, of the nomenclature rodentia that occurs in the story. That is, name calling that has a rodent spin.

So, what’s it about?

I’m glad you asked! Driving in Neutral is a love story about Claustrophobia and Philohobia– the fear of falling in love and being in love, which, if you ask me, you know me being wife to Dr Shrinkee, is just another form of claustrophobia. The hero’s one-time geek and animator, the heroine’s a former race car driver turned wedding planner for her anxious middle aged best friend.

Let the anxiety fest begin!

4 thoughts on “Here Comes the Soggy Chipmunk

  1. Yay! Awesome news, Sandra. I know how good this book is so I’m thrilled to bits it’s been accepted for publication. As for that Flying F-word…that’s cool by me. It’s all part of the fun.


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