Seventy-five Days of Phobias – Day 7: Lisa Barry asks ‘Is this a Girl Thing?’

Lisa loves KISS, writes hot rock stars and English Roses, but she’s no shrinking violet when it comes to telling the world what she fears.

When Sandra first asked me to do a post, I had that fear of being exposed. You know, nail biting stuff because all of a sudden everyone is looking at you. I’ll skip talking about it, because I’ll get those horrendous little worms wriggling through my gut and I’ll chicken out from discussing this any longer.

horny1The devil scared the hell out of me for a long time when I was younger. There was nothing worse than a bright red creepy bastard with horns, pointed tail, cloven hooves and a toothy grin. He terrified the living bejesus out of me. But once again, I’ve never come across him – thank God – so that’s an irrational fear too. Right? Say, “yes” please.

Spiders, needles, yeah it goes on and on. Hey, I’m petrified of stacks of things. You name it. So when I probed types of fears further, all my stupid phobias came up. My current one, Acrophobia – the fear of heights – has to be irrational. I’ve never fallen from a high place – touch wood – so why am I so scared of it? Is this a girl thing?

When I try to list my husband’s fears, I struggle. He’s scarily brave. To name a couple of Sean’s courageous stunts: years ago, he dragged someone intended on suicide from the platform that runs under and along Brisbane’s Story Bridge. (Where would I be with my fear of heights?) He also saved my small fluffy dog from mauling by a huge mastiff. Yep, frigging courage that terrifies me. So does this mean I’m scared of courage?

Karalee, the heroine of my book, Bright Lights and Shadows, is afraid of childbirth. See, she has fears just like me. She’s a she, but the hero of Bright Lights and Shadows, Anson… Well, like Sean, it’s hard to find stuff that he’s afraid of. James Bond is the same. He’s scared of nothing, nada, zip. So does that mean girls are wusses?

clown1Hmmm. Well, no because of…clowns. It took me a while to discover Sean can’t stand them. Clowns make Sean squirm. Coulrophoiba: even Superman has his weaknesses.

Now, that makes me feel better.

You can find out more about Lisa and her writing here: Lisa

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