Seventy-five Days of Phobias – Day 19 : A Penney For Your Phobia

Living in the Land Down Under, it isn’t unusual to hear about this particular phobia. Georgina Penney dives right in to tell me about her greatest fear, Selachophobia, also known as galeophobia

shark-in-poolThey exist! Everyone knows it, no one admits to it. Trust me. Try and be the first person in the swimming pool with a diving board… you know the kind. The pool that’s three meters-plus deep? There’s got to be sharks down there. Chlorine junkie great white sharks, hungry for your tootsies.

I’ve got this thing where I’ll never go in a swimming pool that’s empty because there’s no one else for the sharks to eat.toothyshark(2)

Is this a totally batty phobia? Undoubtedly I’m crackers crazy. But ask around, I bet you’ve got at least a KAZILLION friends out there who get the shivers at the mention of sharks in the pool. They’ve been there. They’ve seen them and there’s a really good reason they always try and get you to jump in the deep end of the pool first.


When writing not writing warm and fuzzy romance novels, my fellow Naughty Ninja Georgina does her utmost to feign intelligence while living in a wooden stilt house on the edge of the Bornean jungle along with a contrary stray cat named Milli Vanilli.

Visit:, where Georgina talks romance and interviews, and the Naughty Ninjas for Glitterpants goodness! 


Check out her books!  Follow her on twitter! @georginapenney 




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