Seventy-five Days of Phobias Day 30: Dana Mitchell Gets The Heebie Geebies

It appears that Maxwell, Driving in Neutral’s resident claustrophobe, and romance author Dana Mitchell share something in common. Hyperventilation.

Most people hate creepy-crawlies. I try my best to self-talk through the hyperventilation by reminding myself that these critters are part of the food chain etc. But there’s certain beasties that I cannot deal with…CANNOT. DEAL. WITH. And they are leeches. *shudder*

venitanTherefore you will find in my book A Venetian Affair, there were no leeches. Or anything remotely creepie-crawly. There was a handsome, rich Italian Banker called Gabriel who made it his mission to stick to my beautiful heroine, Helen, despite the determined cold wall she’d built to keep everyone out. But not like an icky leech. (Why oh, why Sandra Antonelli, is your blog about phobias? Cruel, I say, CRUEL!) By the end of this blog, I will be dry-heaving for sure.

My other fear is crowds, but I’d do a crowd before I’d do a leech. Hollywood plays on this to epic proportions. Take King Kong. Not only is the ape huge, but so are the cockroaches, centipedes and UntitledLEECHES.


THE HORROR! Fear of leeches is called Bdellophobia. I have another name for it – Getthatthingoffmylegscreamophobia.

Its gotten so bad, that I can’t even watch an episode of Total Drama Island with Leeches.  They even fire them from cannons at the opposing team. I have died and gone to hell. EEEEEEE! She has leeches stuck to her FACE! leechdrama

I think what really clinched it was the remake of War of the Worlds. What, you say? There were no leeches . Not, not really. But Dakota Fanning’s all too realistic anxiety melt-downs and the alien sucker-thingy that suck humans dry…am dry retching. I can’t even type about it.

Anything that wants to invade the body and suck my life-fluid can take a one-way ticket to Mars. I’d rather face my other fear of crowds any day than have to pull a leech off my skin.

More dry-heaves. I cannot go on. This has NOT been therapeutic!

danaDana lives with her very own hero and two gorgeous little boys on QLD’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, working full time during the day and writing well into the night. Her motto: Who needs sleep anyway? In her opinion, love makes the world go round and spreading the love with a romance novel only helps the world go round in a much nicer fashion. Find out more about A Venetian Affair .

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