Seventy-five Days of Phobias Day 44: Kendall Talbot Roars

To celebrate the upcoming release of my third novel, Driving in Neutral—a love story about claustrophobia—I am running the 75 Days of Phobia series. You already know of my Lepusamathophobia and my battle against little furry things. I have to say it’s comforting to know someone else faces a similar fear… Kendall Talbot tells us her tale.

I am woman hear me ROARroar

I’ve climbed mountains. I’ve jumped off them too. I’ve ridden white water in a rubber raft flimsy enough that I carried it on my head. I’ve stood in front of a crowd of 300 and delivered a speech so powerful I could hear them gasp even in the back row. I’ve picked up spiders with my bare hands. I’ve changed dirty nappies after my son ate pineapple and I’ve even ventured into a Walmart.

I am invincible. I have no phobias.

Well, I thought I didn’t.

But I’m about to experience something that may change that high and mighty pedestal I’ve ventured onto. This terrifying feat can’t be avoided any longer. Even if I had the entire Targaryen army to support me, it wouldn’t help. This is something I must do alone.

This requires planning and protective clothing. This requires a good dose of tequila and bleach. Not together of course. This requires the full backing of my bravery. This is unavoidable.

Not really Kendall's son's room

Not really Kendall’s son’s room

Operation ‘Clean Under Teenage Son’s Bed’ is about to begin. If I’m off social media for a while you know why. If my hair is completely grey and I dribble at the RWA Gala Dinner table, know this: I went in bravely and no amount of moldy socks or Tupperware containers performing their own petri dish experiment will beat this woman down. I am woman hear me rooooaaaarrrrr.

I’m going in…..

God help you, Kendall.

kakduIn researching for her novel Lost In Kakadu, Kendall Talbot ate witchetty grubs that she dug from her garden, made slingshots with her bras, sat in the pouring rain and did many other crazy things that had her family assessing her sanity. 


2 thoughts on “Seventy-five Days of Phobias Day 44: Kendall Talbot Roars

  1. OMG, Kendall!! There’s a phobia I’d forgotten to mention. Teenagerphobia… I share your pain and cleaning experiences as the cleaning fairy to three boys. I see your tequila and raise you three fingers of whisky. See you at conference!


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