Seventy-five Days of Phobias Day 48: Author Rebekah Turner Goes Dark.

As Maxwell faces his chaotic nightmare in Driving in Neutral, Rebekah Turner, who writes all about Chaos in her Chronicles of Applecross series with Chaos Born and Chaos Bound, tells us all about hers..

Bloody Mary … Bloody Mary …. I like classic horror movies. Bruce Campbell is my hero. Evil Dead should never have been remade. The Howling deserved a better sequel. Sami Raimi is a god who must be obeyed.  Christopher Lee is one of the greatest actors of our time. The earliest horror movie I watched was about an old grandma witch who takes over the life of her younger niece and ‘becomes’ her.  DO NOT watch Cannibal Holocaust because it’s trash (that’s big, coming from me), but DO WATCH Dead Snow because you can’t go wrong with Norwegian backpackers versus Nazi zombies!

Naturally, my fear is an old classic. Nyctophobia. Fear of the dark. Nothing fancy.

bek'smonster1See, I was raised in a Seventh Day Adventist household and my dad was the minister of four local churches in the Adelaide Hills.  So I read the bible as a young girl and grew up believing in angels and demons. Especially demons. And they only existed at night. Under my bed.  I developed elaborate rules for getting in and out of my bed. If I jumped in and out, no one could grab my ankles. And my blankets were force fields against vampires. Any camping* trip was a nightmare from start to finish.

In my early teens, I discovered horror movies. I watched the Exorcist a dozen times (at a friend’s house) and wrote stories about a snarky retired Jesuit exorcist, who was too old for that sh*t. The Omen. Nightmare on Elm Street. Bride of Frankenstein. Psycho. Halloween. In these movies, the dark is a common component. Because that’s where the monsters lived. It’s where the possibility of horror breathes freely. It’s when you’re rushing to the toilet in a dark house and you see a silhouette that doesn’t belong by the window. It’s waking up wondering what that weird scratching sound is under your bed. As a personal rule, I don’t go under our house at night, unless I have a torch, heavy rolling pin and my best running bra. Fear of the dark is the most basic of fears and I’ve never been able to shake it. Don’t tell anyone.

And just to let you know … I’m writing this blog in the morning, sunlight streaming through the windows.

Find out more about Bek, and her books in The Chronicles of Applecross series.




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