Seventy-Five Days of Phobias Day 64: Phobias That Make You Go Hmmm?

Driving_Final[3] 12.45.14 pmTo sound the trumpet on the September 1 release of  my romantic comedy, Driving in Neutral—a love story about claustrophobia — I am running this 75 Days of Phobia series. Over the last 64 Days there have been a number of posts relating to common phobias. So far, the most common phobia has been Arachnophobia, followed closely by Coulrophoiba, the fear of clowns.

Today, I’ve complied a list of not-so-common phobias, ones that cause me to wonder, sometimes out loud, why or how, or just plainly, WTF led some poor soul to be Geliophobic — that is, terrified to laugh?  The fact of the matter is, as Olivia Says to Maxwell in Driving in Neutral , “Everyone’s afraid of something.” Here then, are my thoughts on a few phobias I find a little curious.

Carnophobia: Fear of meat. I may get into trouble for this, but I have an Aunt who is terrified of raw chicken. She’ll eat chicken, but she won’t touch it to cook it.

Chromatophobia: the fear of colours, which means, I guess, rainbows are a reason to freak out. But does this mean one only ever wears black — or white?

Domatophobia: the fear of being in a house. OH, DEAR GOD! Does this mean domophobic people prefer…camping?

Decidophobia: the fear of making decisions. I don’t know, I can’t make up my mind, but I think this one might be a trait for some romance heroes.

Gamophobia: the fear of marriage. So? Am I right? Romance hero or character trait or not?

Kathisophobia: the fear of sitting down. I suspect this is an unknown fear to 98% of writers, but wouldn’t one get tired? Does rest become all about being flat on one’s back in bed?

Lachanophobia: the fear of vegetables. As a vegetarian, I do not understand the fear of celery or carrots, or peas, which you know I think are Nature’s candy.

Olfactophobia: the fear of smells. I suspect one’s memory might be at the root of this fear, seeing as how smells can evoke memories of good and bad things. Would food would taste bland? There’s another phobia, Geumaphobia, which is the fear of tastes. Do these two phobias ever combine?

Ouranophobia: the fear of heaven. This one make me wonder if the ouranophobe has no fear of hell.

Philemaphobia: the fear of kissing. Another one for Romanceland?

Philophobia: the fear of love. And yet ONE MORE for the romance writer!

Photoaugiaphobia: the fear of bright, glaring lights. All righty. I totally get this one because when I am in the depth of a migraine any amount of light seems bright and glaring.

Politicophobia: the fear of politicians — Well this one is totally understandable because, you know, xenophobic world leaders forcing their countries into war.

Do you have a curious phobia you’d like to add, a fear you find rather unusual and How/What/Why-ish?

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2 thoughts on “Seventy-Five Days of Phobias Day 64: Phobias That Make You Go Hmmm?

  1. So basically, if there is a thing or an action, it’s possible to be deathly afraid of it! Some of these make me feel very normal. Although I can understand a fear of heaven. It’s a natural extension of the inadequacy fears that so many of us seem to have. We’re afraid that the perfection of heaven would be too much of a challenge for us. It’s not that we’re not afraid of hell, we just have a sneaking suspicion that we might be more at home there…


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