Seventy-five Days of Phobias Day 68: These Phobias Are Not Your Friends

Driving_Final[3] 12.45.14 pmIt’s SEVEN DAYS to the release of Driving in Neutral-a love story about claustrophobia. WOO HOOO! You can pre-order it here  or here. You know, if you wanna. Thanks to everyone who has been following along for the last 68 days of this 75 days-long series and a massive thanks to everyone who has participated in sharing their fears. As Olivia says in Driving in Neutral, “Everyone’s afraid of something.”

There are phobias I like to call “False Friend Phobias.” What I mean by false friends is that a word or phrase, or in this case a phobia, that may look and sound like one thing, but actually mean something completely different. For example, planteater-craftDinophobia, may look like a totally irrational fear of long-dead dinosaurs, but really, dinophobia it’s a fear of dizziness.

So here are a few more you think-it’s-one-thing-but-it’s-really-something-else-entirely phobias.

Dishabillophobia: dishesNope. Has nothing to do with washing dishes. There is not a plate or spoon or saucepan in sight. Dishabillophobics want you to cover their eyes because they have the fear of undressing in front of someone.

Eurotophobia: Sorry kids, this phobia does not contain hansthe evil, suit-wearing European villains from Die Hard. Eurotophobia is the fear of female genitalia.

And Gymnophobia is not the fear of going to the gym or being in a gym full of sweating people. it’s merely the fear of seeing a naked body.

Melissophobia ain’t the fear of women named Melissa, it’s the fear of bears.

Nosophobia has nothing to do with your schnozz. This one’s the fear of illness.peen

Peniaphobia... Yeah, admit it. You went there. I bet you snickered too, just like I did. Well, get your Freudian mind off the penis and know that peniaphobia is the fear… of poverty.

We’re all afraid of something, kids, even if it’s something like Sitophobia, which is the fear of the sight of food, and Kathisophobia, which is the fear of sitting down, not the fear of a girl named Kathi.


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