Seventy-Five Days of Phobias Day 70: Sarah Belle Gives Us A Wave

To trumpet the impending release of my romantic comedy, Driving in Neutral—a love story about claustrophobia—I am running the 75 Days of Phobia series. Magically romantic Sarah Belle rides a wave of fear today.

Check it out.

islandLooks gorgeous, doesn’t it. Floating peacefully on the tranquil sea, taking the time to appreciate the beauty of mother nature.

But you know what? The thought of stepping off terra firma, and bobbing around the ocean in a boat, or even a ship, terrifies me.

Irrational, isn’t it?

And what’s even worse is that I have no idea of why or when this phobia came about.

I have never been involved in a boating accident or mishap at all. Not in this life anyway. Perhaps in another lifetime I was involved in a shipwreck. Who knows. The point is that I am absolutely crippled at the thought of going to sea.VP

I can barely sing along to ‘In the Navy’ by the Village People without breaking into a cold sweat.

In order to get me into a boat, I need to be heavily sedated. Unconscious, actually, because there is no doubt in my mind that what begins likeboat this:

Will end up like this:oveboard


I am afraid of capsizing and then being picked off as shark bait. I saw Jaws. Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen

I am afraid of the boat catching fire, because that is just the ultimate in irony, isn’t it? On fire, in the middle of a friggin’ ocean of water? costa

I am afraid of waves – big ones. Massive ones. In fact, I am afraid of sized wave that may move the boat at all, because this is what will happen:perfect


I cannot be more than 500 metres off shore at all times. I can swim 500 metres. No bobbing around in the middle of a 73,556,000 km² ocean. No friggin’ way.Because bobbing around in the ocean will invariably lead to this:


And then my only source of company will be this:


No. No ocean adventures for me. My name is Sarah Belle and I am an self-diagonosed Thalassaphobic. My appreciation of all things hydro will be from here:


Sarah writes magic realism romance.

Her newbie, Miss Spelled is expected to be released on September 1st. Her debut novel, Hindsight was released in July 2013, both via Escape Publishing.




Website :


hindHindsight  Miss Spelledmissspelled


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