The Day Before the Coming of the Thirty-one Days of Halloweeenie


Yes, we clowns want to kill you.

Remember how last month and the month before I was all in your face with phobias and other irrational fears, and how so many of you were irrationally afraid of spiders and clowns, because everyone knows clowns are made of pancake makeup and pure evil?


The Bride of FrankenBud

You may recall that I like to write about fear, especially when it comes to falling in love.  Perhaps you’ll also recall how the previous 75 Days of Phobias series theme highlighted a cavalcade of horrors ranging from clowns, antique jewellery (because you just know it’s cursed), the dark, sharks, lighthouses, and aprons. Starting Tomorrow, 1 October,  it’s gonna be a (mostly) Clown-free Freaky Festival o’ Facts, Fun, Frankenstein, FrankenBud, Frankenbrides (like Ella in Driving in Neutral), and Fear, finishing on Friday 31 October.


I am delicious!

I play with fear a lot in Driving In Neutral and For Your Eyes Only. October continues with that theme of terror because, you know, it ends with Halloween, and it’s only 31 days long, and has clowns, things that go BOO, Reese’s Peanut Butter items, and candy corn is involved. And candy corn, as you are well aware, is delicious.

Join me and my guests for a little friggin’ fun. There will be coffee, cookies, candy corn (if I can find any Down Under) giveaways, treats, and maybe even a couple of tricks. Oh, YEAH MAMA!Sandrabooks

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