Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie – Day 1: Mashing Books and Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett


Welcome to Day 1 of the Thirty-one Days of Halloween. Why Halloween you ask? Well, I love me a good series that has a bit of fun, facts, fear, giveaways, and thirty-one days is hell of a lot shorter than seventy-five. So join me and my very special guests over the next month as we celebrate our take on Halloween, with occasional ghoulish and gleeful gusto!

We all have our favourite holidays. My tiny little mom is all about Christmas, and while I really get my cookies on for Christmas (You’ll find out more about that come late November) my heart belongs to Halloween, which, incidentally, my tiny little mom hates.

People like to hide behind masks. It helps them ward off evil, grow balls, be anonymous, do stuff they would never dream of doing. Why do I like Halloween? Perhaps it’s because it’s about wearing masks to scare off evil, being anonymous, growing balls, doing stuff one would never dream of doing.

Writing is a little like Halloween. What I mean by this is that writing allows you to be, in a way, multipbudanother person. When you craft a character, you get to try on what it’s like to be the hero or vile villain. You get to dip your toe into the world of power tools, Quantum Physics, Police and FBI procedure, which is what I did with my research for my previous books, A Basic Renovation and For Your Eyes Only. For Driving in Neutral, I got into the headspace of a claustrophobic man and emotionally flat woman who both slip into the hell of a panic attack. OH, WHAT FUN!!

SandrabooksAs for warding off evil?  Hello escapism! You wanna be a quantum physicist, but lack the science and totally suck at the whole math background thing? No problem. You can pretend you are a quantum physicist because you’re WRITING about two characters who possess these amazing-ass qualities you don’t have!

oldbitey1.jpgSimilarly, reading can be a great way to ward off evil, which totally means reading is like a mask too. Reading is a great way to escape the bullshit that life throws your way. Try on different genres and different books to live in another time, be a spy and save the world, or save the bad boy from a lonely, loveless life.

Mostly, I love Halloween because of Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and the line I managed to work into For Your Eyes Only.

She looked a lot like The Bride of Frankenstein and, Jesus God in heaven, he wanted to dive on top of her and do a little ‘Monster Mash’.

Plus, the song is just so damn catchy. You’re gonna hum it for the rest of the day.

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