The Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie Day 3: Count Daniel de Lorne Beckons You With Butterfly Wings

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this post contains no cookies

While I love writing about fear and adore my coffee and cookies, author Daniel de Lorne loves fake blood and fangs, which means he isn’t someone who thinks Halloween sucks (pun so totally intended), and he’s not scared of or romance either.

Welcome to the Fun-House, Daniel!

Who wants to see a photo of me dressed as a vampire when I was a kid? Everybody, that’s who. Well, you’re in luck. As my special contribution to Sandra’s 31 Days of Halloween, I’m dipping into the archives and Dan2pulling out a couple of embarrassing family photos from Halloween.

In Australia, Halloween isn’t a big deal. It’s nothing like the grand scale production in the USA and Canada. As a kid, it’s a bit disappointing when you see (American) movies and tv shows with their Halloween themes. I wanted to dress up too, goddammit.

I should say though that I was (and still am) a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to things that go bump in the night. As a five-year-old, Ghostbusters, Gremlins and the House franchise Daniel-de-Lorne3terrified me (yet I continued to watch them with my cousin). I’d keep my poor parents up at night as I screamed because there was something hiding behind the curtains.

Yet despite my fears – or maybe because of them – I was fascinated with the gothic and the macabre. And so, when my sister and I convinced our parents to let us dress up and go out trick-or-treating, I chose to go as a vampire.

I’m sure my choice really had more to do with Count Duckula than Count Dracula, but Dan1nevertheless I donned a cape, some fake fangs and fake blood, and headed out into the night…with my butterfly sister beside me.

We did this at least twice over the years, the effort required sometimes not worth the payout (because, let’s be honest, the whole reason behind doing this is for lollies – or candy as the Americans would say). We came away with some sweet stuff but not the horde you’d expect to collect in North America.

Now that I’m living in Canada, I’m too old (and too worried about my weight) to enjoy the candy side of things, however, that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up. In fact, it’s great to head into the city on Halloween and see plenty of adults dressed in their ghoulish finery. And some of the costumes we saw GrimReaperlast year were chilling (such as the Grim Reaper in the photo).

This year Halloween happens just two days after I get married, which is a whole other bucket of fear right there. It’s still touch and go whether I’ll don a costume to mark this dark holiday, but if I do, I’ll post a photo on my Facebook page ( so be sure to check it out.

In the meantime, if you want to enjoy a dark tale of obsession, lust and good old fashioned blood and guts, check out my gay vampire romance Beckoning Blood Cover 1000novel, Beckoning Blood, available for download from Kindle or your favourite ebook supplier.

Daniel de Lorne writes about the loves and tribulations of hot and sexy paranormal men (and creatures). You can find out more about Daniel on his website (, Facebook ( and Twitter (

You can buy Daniel’s books here: Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook

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