Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie Day 5: A Fun-size Peanut Butter Halloweenie

reese-miniMini, snack-size, FUN-size whatever you call the chocolates or candy that comes in the bags of 100 pieces, the size you’re supposed to buy for handing to Halloween Trick-or-treaters, I was convinced that those bags of chocolate joy were named after me.


Mini-me, AKA Fun-sized, second from right

Well, not convinced exactly.

I did believe, at age 12 (when I moved to the USA,) with a 12 year-old’s logic, that the Halloween bags of Reese’s Peanut butter Cups, were made for smaller people who were fun.

This of course meant the one-bite peanut butter cups were expressly for me, seeing as I was small, and you know fun. This was, of course, before they began marketing the Halloween peanut butter cups in a pumpkin shape.

I am mini, not pumpkin shaped.

The love I have of peanut butter is obvious in the books I write; the creamy delight  makes an appearance in all my books. This  has a lot to do with, not so much my adoration for peanut butter, as much as it does that for years I could not get what I considered good peanut butter in Australia–unless I paid a small fortune and purchased it from a fantastic little import store in Melbourne. I PeanutBuddyconfess to doing that on a regular basis.

As a result of paying such a high price for my fix, I would ration my peanut butter. I’d keep a careful eye on how much was left in the jar. I would get cranky at Dr Shrinkee when he’d smear MY beloved peanut butter on HIS toast. So fixated was I on peanut butter, I’d wax lyrical, and find myself creating characters and scenes that touched on my love of peanut butter.

Mostly I’d worry that my 2 pound jar of Jif wouldn’t last to the importer’s next shipment.

Those days are behind me now, thanks to Costco and the jars Skippy readily available. These jars are not snack sized or mini, but always, like me, Fun-sized.

If you like, you can read more about characters and WHOLE stories inspired by my love of peanut butter and find them here.Sandrabooks


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