Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie Day 7: Rhyll Scares, Talks Stealing Candy

SandrabooksI was made for writing books featuring coffee, peanut butter, and cookies, Kiss Was Made For Lovin’ You, while author Rhyll Biest was made for Halloween. Naughty , bare-chested Halloween.

Holly Unthanks, heroine of my November release with Escape Unrestrained, has a fairly unique outlook on life. Here’s her thoughts on Halloween:

  1. I’m not afraid of Halloween, but Halloween is afraid of me.
  2. Witches are not scary. And who else are you going to swap recipes for placenta cookies and bone marrow bread with?
  3. Ghosts are not scary. In fact, when I see the ghosts of boyfriends I’ve done in, I get the warm fuzzies.halloween pumpkin witch dog
  4. Vampires are not scary. They were, before Twilight took the horror value of vampires around the back of a shed and shot it in the head, but not anymore.
  5. Zombies are not scary. They shuffle. Even my thoroughly unaerobicised ass can outrun them.
  6. Werewolves are not scary. Toss a Shmacko in the opposite direction, bolt, and you’re good.
  7. Trick or treating and children ARE scary. I vote myself the person most likely to steal candy from children. Thankfully, the quarantine tape across my front door deters visitors.

unrestrained smallMade for Halloween, Rhyll Biest was born a curmudgeon and now writes romance for curmudgeons (who love to see hero and heroine SUFFER before they find happiness). Her life ambition is a guest spot on Grumpy Old Women. She tried smiling and being nice—once—and decided it wasn’t for her. Instead she now focuses on writing and doesn’t worry about anything else. Find out more about Rhyll at

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