Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie Day 12: Tez Miller is a Halloweenie

punkinbudI’ve never experienced the ‘Trick’ part of  Halloween trick-or-treating. Ever. For me it was always ALL about the getting of the candy. The trick-or-treatin’ kids I knew never grumbled if a house didn’t have candy, and no threats were ever made regarding destruction of property. TPing someone’s house or soaping their car windows were events that happened ALL year round.  Kids did bitch if a house handed out shitty stuff like apples (which were immediately tossed because, hello Lily Malone and hello fear of razor blades!) or worse PENNIES. Yeah. Pennies.Sandrabooks

Anyhow, blogger-reviewer Tez Miller, my guest today, is a Freddo Frog* hoarder and she’s a little bitter about Halloween. Also, in keeping with the great Halloween pimping tradition, you can buy my books here.

Trick-or-treating is basically a mugging: “Give me what I demand, or else I’ll destroy the joint.”

TezI’m a Halloweenie. As a grumpy old woman, festiveness isn’t really my thing. If YOU’RE festive, that’s fine as long as it doesn’t affect me.

It’s a risk, having somewhere to live and/or being a book blogger on the Internet. If you have a door for people to knock on, or contact info to be contacted at, people will take advantage of that. In my daydreams of being a book blogger, I hoped that only authors/publishers I’d heard of would request reviews. And in life you hope that only people you want to hear from will knock on your door.

Fingers crossed people won’t threaten/abuse/harass you if you reject their request/demand for treats/reviews. But I think most book bloggers have had an experience that has put them off answering every request. Generally speaking, if it’s not from an author/publisher I’ve heard of I don’t even send a “thanks, but no” reply – I just delete their email, unanswered.

I wish I could pretend I’m not home on 31st October, but if no one answers there may be “tricks” aimed at our place anyway. So we’ll have a bag of individually wrapped chocolate frogs, and hope that no one comes trick-or-treating – because I REALLY don’t want to share those freddoFreddos. Believe me, I love junk food, but I simply don’t find it ethical to go door-to-door demanding chocky treats and punishing people who reject one’s demands.

You may think, “Hey, I went to all this effort to acquire a costume – I deserve Freddos!” or, “Hey, I went to all this effort to publish a book – I deserve reviews!” Maybe you do, but not from me. I’m a grumpy old lady, and sharing my Freddos and reviewing time-and-effort aren’t often worth it. And both the Freddos and the reviews would be tainted with my bitterness 😉

And I’d be more likely to reply to review requests if the sender could actually prove that they read my blog and know their book would be a good fit for me. But if I haven’t heard of the sender, chances are they’ve never commented or Tweeted at me – they only contact me when they want something.

Mind you, the only trick-or-treaters we usually get are the neighbours’ kids, and they may have grown out of trick-or-treating by now. And okay, we’ll probably distribute Freddos to them on account of we like feeding and walking their dog when the neighbours are on holiday. (When dogs aren’t yapping, barking, or performing bowel movements on your nature strip, they’re quite cool.)

But really, I don’t want to be obliged to handout Freddos, or spend time and effort reviewing. If I choose to out of my own freewill, my deeds will be more meaningful, and more enjoyable on my behalf. But if I HAVE to do something…that’s homework, dude. You’d get a Freddo out of it, but what would I get? NOT getting my trees toilet-papered? How about you not be a prick and DON’T TP my place, regardless of my behaviour?

Of course, even if I have heard of the author/publisher, that doesn’t guarantee I’ll want to read their book. But they have a better chance than someone I’ve never heard of who claims to read my blog but obviously hasn’t.

So yeah, I’m a Halloweenie. And if you come trick-or-treating at my place, and your costume is not the best thing ever…

(wearenotamusedThat fish is an Emperor Maximus Angryfish and he lives with Susan Spann. Max and I have standards, and we may not approve of your shenanigans 😉 )

Tez Miller is a reader, reviewer, and blogger at Tez Says. She enjoys reading futuristics, and anything with an asylum – cryonics, cybernetics, and androids are also welcome. She loves junk food, and often shares her opinions unprompted. Tez Miller: Reader. Reviewer. Blogger. Urban Fantasy & Futuristic

* Freddos are Freddo Frogs, a Cadbury milk chocolate bar shaped like a frog, kids.


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