Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie Day 16: Get your Jack-o-lantern On With Cate Ellink

pinupwitchweenHey, kids! We’re getting closer to the day of the peanut butter cup shaped like a pumpkin ,and my guest today, Cate Ellink, is happy about that, as happy as I am! Cate explains the Australian holiday system and where Halloween fits (or doesn’t fit) on the Great Aussie Holiday Calendar. I think Aussies would embrace Halloween if there was a pumpkin-shaped lolly filled with Vegemite, or if the day involved some thing that could be tossed on the barbie and slathered with a sauce infused with musk stick Life Savers or black currant, popular Australian lolly (candy) flavours — but that’s just me.

We Australians, as a society, celebrate quite a few holidays. Some have a religious theme, like Easter or Christmas, as well as a commercial theme, chocolates delivered by a bunny, presents delivered by a man in a red suit. We have a day to celebrate the coming of the New Year, which CateEllink_smallis often an all night party with a recovery day. A day to celebrate our nation, Australia Day. Then there’s a day to honour the Queen’s birthday, and one for Labour Day. Depending on where you live, you can also have a holiday to celebrate a show (equal to the state fair), a horse race (The Melbourne Cup), or a local event.

None of our holidays really celebrate adventure, outrageousness or fun.

Halloween does!

Halloween is the strange celebration that’s not yet a holiday in Australia, and I like it the best. It’s an evening where we deviate from the ‘norm’. In a world full of warnings and sense, Halloween comes and it’s crazy. We encourage kids to not only talk to strangers but to accept lollies from them, sometimes to knock on the door of a stranger’s home. You never do that any other day!

It’s an evening where you can let loose your inner demon, or witch, or vampire, or clown, or temptress. You can dress up in whatever you like to wear, if only for an evening!

It’s the night where the ‘norm’ is cast aside, and we do things a little outside our comfort zone – dress up, carve pumpkins, light candles, talk to strangers, collect lollies, talk about the spooky. It’s a night to celebrate adventure and outrageousness. A night for fun.

As a writer of erotic adventures, it’s a special night on my calendar.­

DeepDiving_Final_smallCate Ellink writes erotic adventures, and is a fellow Naughty Ninja. You can find out more on her website or at the Ninjas.

Cate’s latest release Deep Diving is a sun-soaked, sandy, seaside erotic novel about a tropical paradise, two athletes used to getting physical, and a sex-filled, no-strings holiday fling.

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