Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie Day 22: Nicole Flockton’s UnHollywood Halloween

driving smallA Romantic Comedy, like Driving in Neutral, A Basic Renovation or For Your Eyes Only, has certain expectations that come attached to it: that cute meet, the sharp, snappy, smartass dialogue, the kiss, the happy ending. Sounds easy, right? Lately, in Hollywood, something’s gone wrong with the rom com. It’s as if all the HOLLYWOOD has been removed, as well as the comedy and romance.  Halloween, on the other hand, is something Hollywood keeps doing right. Halloween is a GIANT multipbudPARTY on TV and in movies. Everyone wears a costume, goes trick-or treating, gets candy, meets Dracula, carves a jack-o-lantern, and stops in at the Haunted House on the way back from the hay ride.  There are expectations up the wazoo for Halloween and Hollywood gives ’em to you, but it seems that for Nicole Floctkton, as it is with me the rom com, her Halloween was anything but Hollywood.

It’s Saturday 31st October 2009 and you know the significance of that date – Halloween!!

We’d moved to Houston, Texas in August and after seeing how much fun Halloween looked on all the American TV shows, as a family, we were excited to experience it.

We’d just moved into our new house and the kids wanted me to decorate the garden. Seeing as iflocktont was right on Halloween there wasn’t a lot of good stuff left. But I found some things and the kids were happy. I did notice that no one near us had any decorations in their garden but didn’t give it a second thought.

Having seen the TV shows my husband and I thought we had to get dressed up as well. Like decorations, decent costumes were scarce but we found some and all of us got dressed up.

We decide to venture out around 7pm. It was starting to get dark and the kids were anxious to get going. We hit the street all dressed up flockton2and were shocked to the core. The street was empty!! Where was everyone? Where were all the large groups of kids in costumes wanting candy?

We’d been told to only go to the houses that had outside lights on. The houses surrounding us were all dark. What was going on? We persevered and continued on our way and found a couple of houses with lights on. The kids got their candy and really they had no idea that my husband and I were in a state of shock. They were having fun and that’s all that mattered.

We were still the only people in the street but we found a group of people who were having a party outside. Finally a little bit of the Halloween spirit was alive.

In the end we only went around the block and the kids were happy with their stash of candy.

When we got home groups of people started to filter into our street. We had people come to the house and we handed out the supply of candy I’d bought. The kids enjoyed giving it as much as receiving

All in all I can honestly say that our first experience of Halloween in the US was really disappointing. And I also learned that, like anything, TV exaggerates everything!

Flcok3However, we still decorate the house each year – even if we are the only ones in the street that does.


One thought on “Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie Day 22: Nicole Flockton’s UnHollywood Halloween

  1. Wow, Nicole. That spider in the garden looks pretty scary (and impressive).

    How weird is your experience with Halloween. I thought it was huge in the US. Certainly seems to be growing in popularity here in Oz.


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