Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie Day 29: S. E. Gilchrist’s Oweynagat

driving smallFear. It’s ll about fear again today. For some of you Halloween is all about those scary spirits, dressing up as Dracula, and HORROR movies. Or maybe even claustophobia, like Driving in Neutral’s Emerson Maxwell’s which started because of a horror movie views in his youth.

But there are geeks, like me, who love the Science Fiction angle, as Rebecca Turner suggested with the movie THE THING, which may have more to do with Kurt Russell’s beard being my idea of a Halloween treat. Anyhow, S.E. Gilchrist faces fear in SPACE!

Halloween has never played a part in my childhood and looking back I see that possibly is why it doesn’t play a role in my adult life. Of course, growing up in a small coastal town in Australia in the 60’s guaranteed very little exposure to the fascination some people feel for this celebration.

Research reveals Halloween may have stemmed from pagan beliefs when at Samhain the portals between the mortal world and the immortal were open for a brief time, allowing passage between.

OwenagcatThis is Oweynagat (meaning, Cave of the Cats) and which is believed to be one of the many gateways to the Otherworld from where beings and spirits were said to have emerged on Samhain. That sounds fantastic in theory – I mean who wouldn’t want to meet a hunky viking or a hot elvish warrior?

Knowing Murphy’s Law and my luck, I’d be stuck with a knife-wielding troll on a blood rampage.

Halloween is definitely not celebrated in the Seven Galaxies, the setting for my science fiction romance stories. But there is a large dose of the fear factor especially in my latest release When Stars Collide.

Here’s a little glimpse taken from When Stars Collide © S. E. Gilchrist 2014:WhenStarsCollide_Final compressed

The door opened and they both glanced over. A female Relic Ensign strode onto the deck and stopped three paces from them.
Excitement glittered in her pale blue eyes. ‘The smuggler’s ship approaches. Commander Kondo requires your attendance in the hangar bay.’
‘What?’ Heart racing, Nina didn’t wait to hear any more. She rushed past and hurried to the closest chute. Bansell. He’s back.
‘Come on, come on,’ she muttered, thumping the panel until after what felt like a week, the door slid open.
‘I will go with you,’ said Sherise, slipping in beside her.
In silence they travelled to the hangar level.
Nina’s head whirled. I should be feeling happy but I’m not. Instead her earlier feelings of dread had returned in full measure.
The chute opened and she stepped out into the corridor.
Every second dragged at her soul. The clatter of their boots as they hurried down the passageway was like shards of crystal falling like broken glass. There was a buzzing noise in her ears that made it hard for her to think straight. Her hands clenched and unclenched over the material of her beige knee-length tunic. Why do I feel something is wrong, terribly wrong?
Longing to vomit and with tremors racking her body she stumbled after Sherise who had marched ahead. Behind them tramped the two Relic female guards.
One foot after the other. Nearly there. Nina clutched the railing as she all but fell down the stairs to the main deck that looked out over the hangar.
All about her were smiling people, laughing, jesting, gesturing towards the shuttle now powering down on the runway below. The smugglers emerged from their ship and the hangar erupted into roaring cheers.
Standing back from Sherise, her minders and Kondo and his officers, Nina gripped her hands together and battled her erratic breathing. Her heart beat with painful strokes. Icy sweat trickled beneath her arm pits. She stared with burning eyes as a group of males climbed the metal steps to the deck where they all waited.
Closer. Closer.
Bansell. Oh, Bansell.
The buzzing inside her head intensified.
Bansell, a broad grin on his face clapped his hands on the Relic leader’s shoulders. A gesture returned with enthusiasm by Kondo. Then everyone stepped aside.
Kondo waved Bansell forward to where Nina stood alone.
Their eyes met and held.
Something in his gaze flickered.
Her heart seized.
The noise in her head drowned out all else.
She couldn’t move.
Couldn’t breathe.
Grappling with the insane thought screaming inside her mind.


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segilcrestS.E. Gilchrist lives in the Hunter Valley, Australia with her family, both two legged and four. S. E. loves to write books that embrace a sizzling love story with action, adventure and often, danger.
She is keenly interested in the environment, animal welfare, bush walking and kayaking. Several of her books have finalled in writing contests and she is currently hard at work with a NA apocalyptic story and a new science fiction romance series.

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