Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie Day 30: Ainslie Paton is Wholly Unsuitable

BatbudphotoIt’s true I find Halloween nothing but awesome, and that I need Halloween as a buffer between the end of the Australian summer and onslaught of Santy Claus.

Ainslie Paton finds Halloween simply unsuitable to her Aussie beach side suburb.  Which proves a tricky segue to the fact she’s got a new book out called Unsuitable.

There isn’t a single mention of Halloween in Unsuitable, or any Ainslie Paton books. They are however all treats.

The scene:

A knock at the door.  I answer.

A small Batman and a sparkly fairy stand there.

Me:            Ah, hello
Them:        Trick or treat?
Me:            Oh.
The fairy:    You have to give us lollies or fruit
Batman:       Or a toy maybe
Me:  Um.  Well.  I don’t have any lollies in the house and I haven’t been shopping, so I      don’t have any fruit either
Batman:  But you have toys?
Me:   Um.  Not.  No.  No.  I’m sorry.  So this is a trick on me then, that’s okay, yes?
The Fairy:  That’s not how it works.  No one gets it.
Batman:    This sucks.

They leave.  Very disappointed.

Unsuitable-cover-final-2-largeUnsuitable is about a male nanny, which is kind of like Batman and the sparkly fairy all rolled into one. Find Unsuitable and more of Ainslie’s books here

Find out ALL about Ainslie

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