Interview with AusRomToday

You know that moment when someone says something so amazingly nice about you and your writing and the only thing you can to is sit and bawl with your mouth hanging open? I’m having that moment now thanks to J’aimee Brooker & AusRomToday, Leisl Leighton, and Narrelle Harris’ Adventurous Hearts.

Adventurous Hearts

Today’s interview is with J’aimee Brooker, publisher of the AusRomToday website. The site celebrates the Australian romance literature industry and community, representing all romance sub-genres and stories of all lengths and showcasing Australian romance writing to the world.


AusRomToday badgeWhat, if anything, do you think makes Australian romance writing distinctively Australian?

I think Aussies are instinctive storytellers, whether that’s a yarn around a campfire, the story that gets progressively bigger and better with each recounting at the local pub, or in the form of the written word.

Aussies have a profound way of massaging a story to suit a particular audience, of embellishing just enough to make it interesting, and to carry it all off in a not-taking-myself-too-seriously manner. That attitude and demeanour absolutely transcends to the reader.

Romance of all kinds, including queermance and erotica, seems to be going through a bit of a boom lately. Is that your…

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