Putting My Doctorate to Good Use

Hi My name is Sandra.

aegisSandra is a diminutive form of Alexandra, which is a feminine form of the male name Alexander, which is a basically the Romanised version of the Greek name Alexander (Αλέξανδροc). The name means ‘defender of man.’ There are times I live up to my name, times when I stand up and protect those being bullied or, at least create a diversion so the person being bullied can get up and run away.

While I LOVE smartass, I don’t like inequality, I don’t like stereotypes or preconceived notions about others. So, I figured it was time, what with being a defender and all, that I take up my shield and wield the awesome power that is my PhD in romance fiction. Yes, wielding my ongoing scholarly interest is all because of my name, and you know, my research was titled PhD’s title Cougars, Grannies, Evil Stepmothers, and Menopausal Hot flashers Roles, Representations of Age and the Non-traditional Romance Heroine, which is all about the woman over 40 and her place in society, and her portrayal as a whole, real person in romance fiction, rather than as a secondary character or stereotype of what, or how a ‘mature-aged woman’ or ‘woman of a certain age’ is ‘supposed’ to be. With me it’s all about diversity and equality, kids.

My interest in diversity and equality isn’t simply limited to romance fiction. It stretches across Television, film and all forms of media.  This means the PhD scholar part of Smartass Defender of Man, Sandra Antonelli, aims to bring you news links, commentary, and discussion about “Mature Women” in romance fiction, and the portrayal of “Older” or lack thereof in all forms of the media.

To accomplish this, I have added a page to my website titled “The Mature Content Stockpile.” You’ll find it at the top of the home page. I’ll add to it as I come across links and items, and I invite you to give me a ‘heads up’ any time you find something of ‘mature’ interest, like Cara Buckley’s January 1, 2015 interview with actress Patrica Arquette in the New York Times, where Ms Arquette said:

“I gotta get old, people, do you understand?” she continued. “I need space to grow and get old and be a human being. I don’t want to be trapped in your ingénue bubble. And I don’t agree with it either, by the way.”


Also, if you didn’t know. I write romance novels where the lead characters are all over 40. The women are OVER FORTY.Sandrabooks Here they are.  Click on the photo to link.

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