Five Reasons Why My New Release ‘At Your Service’ Is Important

Here are 5 reasons why my latest release At Your Service is important for women:

1. At Your Service breaks down ageist and sexist barriers that have allowed men to age, be adventurous, foxy, and paired with women 15-20 years younger while dismissing women over 40.

2. Portrays a strong, middle-aged female lead who is not an ageist stereotype or is typecast as a mother, wife, grandma, harpy, or crazy woman who lives in a van.

3. Portrays a middle-aged woman as intelligent, capable, attractive, sensual, and sexual.

4. Ageism is often overlooked as an issue of diversity. Young women will one day be older women. Positive, realistic representations of intelligent, capable, attractive, sensual, and sexual women over 40 create positive role models for younger women.

5. Sexism has rendered older women nearly invisible in all forms of media. The women over 40 in At Your Service get noticed.

Okay, so At Your Service is a romantic suspense cosy spy mystery thriller and how realistic is it to have a female butler join up with a British spy… Ah. Yes. You get it. Fiction. Content here creates the culture, the positive role model of a female butler, which is unusual role for a woman, AND the fact she’s middle-aged, intelligent, capable, attractive, sensual, and sexual IS the spin on the content and culture we’re SO used to seeing. Breaking down the barriers of sexism, ageism, stereotypes, and the sidelining of older women we’ve come to accept as the norm is not reality and it’s not fiction either.

The reality is, women over 40 are not invisible, but they have been miscast and have, for far too long, been left off screen and out of fiction. It’s my mission, so to speak, to challenge this, to change this, to give the world a positive portrayal of women over 40 and a role model for younger women AND men, one book at a time.

2 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why My New Release ‘At Your Service’ Is Important

  1. Hi Sandra, I’m an aspiring author working on my first manuscript ATM. I have the great fortune of being coached by Leisl Leighton who recommended your writing to me because your books feature relationships involving mature aged women and they also feature in my own work. I would dearly love to “read” your books but I have a problem with my eyes so all my “reading” these days is done via Audible (2-3 books a week). Do you have any plans to release any of your titles on audiobook? If so please let me know and I will put you on my watch list. Kind regards Kathy

    • Hi Kathy
      I’m sorry to say there are not plans for any of my books to go to audio–unless my publisher tells me otherwise. It’s taken a long time for women over 40 to be seen as viable heroines in romance (and other forms of fiction), and there is still some resistance to it. Authors writing older heroines are still a minority and books with older female protagonists are still viewed as niche; there hasn’t been a big breakout title that has garnered real notice or made huge money, which is maybe why there haven’t been any plans for audiobooks. I do hope this changes!

      Best to you!

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