The Butler Returns

A little older, a little wiser. A little more in love, a little more in danger. 

Or a whole lot more in danger.

Book 2 of the In Service series is on its way. Forever In Your Service is another romantic suspense cosy spy mystery thriller with grittiness, humour, a dog, and a cowboy hat.

Yes, a cowboy hat. There’s a cowboy.  And wine. And art. And various kinds of rats — mostly of the human variety.

There’s also Mae Valentine, the Irish butler, and Major Kitt, her love interest. There are also, as in At Your Service, Easter eggs–little nods that gives a sly grin to the notion of spy, the iconic British spy, the lone spy, the inept spy, the super spy. Did you notice them in At Your Service?

I wonder if you can find them all in Forever In Your Service.

It’s ready for preorder via books2read and Amazon and set to drop 29 March.

You can find the other books of the In Service series here and here or by clicking on the images below. At Your Service is a finalist in the 2018 Australian Romance Readers Awards!

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