Other Writing

In spite of my juvenile sense of humour, there’s a tiny ‘serious’ part of me.

I am a romance fiction scholar. You can call me Dr Sandra, PhD.

I like to examine the form of the romance genre, a genre I consider to be feminist.

Think about it.

Romance fiction is written mostly by women, for women. The genre is a superb history of women and social change, and a superb reflection of current society. In the romance genre women wield power, they assert agency over their lives, sexuality, and bodies, and how they are viewed in the world. Romance fiction, while so often derided, is often at the forefront of social change for women

My scholarly works consist of a masters thesis, a PhD, a few articles, and guest posts on blogs. You’ll find links to the scholarly, other articles, and guest posts below.

Scholarly (ish)

My masters thesis: A first Kiss is Still a First kiss : Romancing the Mid-life Reader and Heroine.

My PhD: Cougars, Grannies, Evil stepmothers, and Menopausal hot flashers : Roles, Representations of Age and the Non-traditional Romance Heroine

Too Old for Romance?   The Popular Romance Project 10/21/13

Guest posts

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