I Had To Reinsert My Contacts and Read It Twice.

So there I am, looking at my morning twitter stream, embracing my morning coffee.  I see the tweet by Anna Campbell listing the Australian Romance Readers Awards Best Book finalists(Congrats on the nomination, Anna!). I see the Australian Romance Readers Association tweet about the 2013 ARR Awards. I hope over to read the complete list of finalists on the ARRA blog.

Wow, there’s so many great authors here, Roz Baxter, Rebekah Turner, Amy Andrews, Jennifer St George, Anna Campbell, Anna Cowen, Rachael Johns, Kylie Scott, Dakota Harrison, Sandra Antonelli, Jennie Jones, Kendall Talbot, Shannon Curtis…WTW?

Hang on a second…

Did I just see…Sandra Antonelli?

I scrolled back up the page and blinked a few times. I read all the way down to the bottom of the page and blinked some more.

Then I went and took out my contacts, washed them carefully, re-inserted them and read the

A Basic Renovation_Final

entire blog post again.

censoredHol-ee crap!  I’ve been nominated in two categories: Best Contemporary for A Basic Renovation, and Best New Author. I know, right? I had to read it again too!

I am so thrilled to be nominated, to have been included with such amazing talent –not that I’m amazing, but I am so pleased to have been considered for such a list. I am honoured. That is a very strange feeling that goes so well with coffee.

Thank you ARRAinc! 

Thank you readers! This cup’s for YOU!coffencookie