Thirty-one Days of Halloweenie Day 18: Roz Groves’ 5 Star Review of Halloween

SandrabooksRoz Groves of My Written Romance, loves a good silver fox hero like Driving in Neutral’s Emerson Maxwell, Skippy peanut butter, is a foot shorter than her husband (who isn’t?) and  reviews (plug) books, like Driving in Neutral. Today, rather that give you a new review of a fantastic romance novel, Roz gives us her take on Halloween…in Canada.

Like most Aussie kids of the 80s, Halloween was only something you saw on American TV shows Roz-@-MWRor in books. To a sweet­toothed youngster like myself, the concept of rocking up to someone’s door and leaving with a bounty of sugared confection was like manna from heaven.

My first direct experience with Halloween was when I was living in Vancouver, Canada in 2003. The tall man and I took to the ghoulish festival with glee. We’d been invited to a Halloween do, so off we went shopping for our costumes. After much inappropriate laughter in the dollar store, our gear was set.

I loved that we could catch public transport dressed as aliens ­ masks in place ­ and no one batted an eyelid. If we’d tried that at home…..out would come the men with the white jackets!

Everywhere was into it, which was fabulous. Even our condo manager set up in the lobby to dole out the sweeties.

hpbcNow, 11 years later, Halloween has well and truly hit our shores on this side of the Pacific. However, nothing will ever really top that first one for me.

Would someone please pass Roz the Pumpkin-shaped Peanut butter cups?