I Turned Down Coffee?

dayKnow that thing that happens when you’ve been hunkered down. working towards a goal — and let’s say the goal is something like a PhD– and you’ve been hammering away at it for a few years, jumping over hurdles, diving through flaming hoops, leaping across an abyss, and you finally get to the end, you reach the climax, and people exclaim you are the freakin’ champion of the world, and a complete stranger in a bakery you go into — to buy canoil for your Dr Shrinkee — offers to buy you a celebratory coffee because that person was the one first exclaimed you were champion of the world as he took your PhD from your hands, so he’s not really a complete stranger, but you turn down that coffee because you feel absolutely… nothing?

Then it dawns on you that, gee, wow, you feel nothing after turning in your PhD.



8 thoughts on “I Turned Down Coffee?

  1. I found my thesis submission very anti-climactic, and my examiner results and doctoral certificate even more so. I think I would have been more excited by a box of chocolates.

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