Marching to Shallowreader Bingo

Sheesh! I didn’t even place in this month’s Shallowreader BINGO. My March reading was curtailed by my writing, my poor, darling mother-in-law’s shingles (I happen to honestly love my MIL), family birthdays, Easter, an 20th anniversary, attending a “Professional Women’s Conference” (where I wore eye makeup, ran into a few fellow authors, and ate muffins), lots of socialising, and picking up and hiding a new bar fridge. Where was the time for reading?

Here’s my pitiful March Bingo Card


Okay, you may notice  I DID read. I read my own work because:

a) continuity in writing a sequel is important

b) I was editing my forthcoming book Next to You (Out July 2016, kids!)

But I also re-read books for research for a second book in a rom-com-suspense series, and I did research for an academic paper, meaning I read academic books and articles that I never thought to apply to my Shallowreader BINGO card until JUST NOW!

Please note the bottom right corner square titled Hatchback Hero. This Unicorn is a bone of contention between myself and The Shallowreader, Vassiliki.  This has been a sticking point for us for years. There is NO SUCH THING. A hatchback is not hot or heroic.

Hats off to Willaful for her March Crown. She found Sloth in her reading. I’m most impressed. All right, who am I kidding i’m ashamed because my March reading was slothful and I never thought to apply that to the Bingo card.

Now, if you read, like I know you all do, and you want to snatch that crown away from two-time champ Willaful, join in the Shallowereader BINGO. It’s fun and it’s FREEEEEEE!

See here for how to play along–for FREE. Better still, you can read ANYTHING YOU LIKE!!


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