Scandal sheets, rag mags and the loss of Premiere

Sadly and suddenly, the death knell sounded for Premiere Magazine last month. 

Premiere was all about movies, from those clapper loaders behind the scenes to the actors, costume designers, producers, you name it they all got a mention. It was fascinating and informative, as well as up to date with film production in the US and other countries.

I’ve had a Premiere subscription since the late 80’s, just after they began. When the publication folded, those of us left with subscriptions (I’d recently renewed ’til end of ’08) were transferred to a substitute magazine: Us Weekly. We had no other magazine choice offered. It was US Weekly or nothing.

Of course, none of us loyal customers overseas were notified the magazine was folding until after the fact. I suspect subscribers in the US and Canada got the same treatment. At the beginning of May, I simply received a postcard declaring April 2007 was the last issue of Premiere

I got my first US Weekly yesterday. 

Oh Fuck.

It’s in the bathroom. The only fitting place for it. 

Us is a weekly magazine. I receive one issue of Us for one month of Premiere. The publication arrived 3 weeks after the printed date. Old news. Crap news. Not really news at all. Just lots and lots of pictures with really big captions and lots of pretty colours.
To me, Us Weekly is, besides an appalling waste of paper, nothing more than a glossy version of dumbed-down drivel. There is no mention of movies. It’s all fashion photos, and crap I would paper my birdcage with–if I had a bird. 

Meanwhile, I’d like to say a big howdy to Jimbo over at the Bomb Town News Observer in Los Alamos.   

One more thing. In his heart, I know Kergillian misses Jerry Fawell.

2 thoughts on “Scandal sheets, rag mags and the loss of Premiere

  1. Demise of a legend

    You know, I used to really like US when it published monthly. It had some really great interviews, in-depth, with a smart photographer who was able to really capture different sides of people you thought you knew.

    Then, I think it was my 4th year of uni, it went weekly, and now it’s sort of a basement-bargain version of People.

    I miss those interviews! I remember reading a great one with Benicio Del Toro just before Traffic came out, when he was that weird actor in that movie with that chick from Clueless…

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